HydoFab LLC

Over 20 years of experience helping clients find productive solutions to their
toughest problems with equipment that is safe – cost effective – labor saving.

Floor Cleaner Vacuum Systems
Vacuum System Vacuum System

Developed for a customer to fill specific needs

This unit has Vac Truck performance with a long, low profile to fit your tunnel.
Multiple collection cars can be connected into the system.
Scarifier Tank Cleaner
Tank Cleaner Tank Cleaner

Narrow acceptance criteria required, Extreme precision, and Repeatability

No Entry Overhead Tank Cleaner
The vertical tower is capable of reaching 60 feet high.
This unit removes over 2000 pounds per hour of cured, road grade asphalt.

Mechanized Liner Installation

Construction/Demolition Construction/Demolition

Repeatable, consistent performance

Construction or demolition jobs that are easily accessible with heavy conventional equipment are no place for a water jet; but when space or tolerances get tight, or when adjacent materials must be protected, a water jet may be your best solution.

Think of a water jet as a high production jack hammer or saw that is
about the size of a 7 oz pop bottle.

Easily positioned by semi-automated equipment, they can do remarkable work. Because they are remotely controlled, they are safe and they won’t damage adjacent materials.

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